Abrogratto 18 is a brand of ready-to-drink premium bottled cocktails. They have chosen to create collections of small batches of classic cocktails, the first being Negroni. The identity of Abrogratto 18 is versatile and unique, the packaging is ordered to be made especially for this product, so that it adapts to each of our client's collections.
The sophisticated and classic flavor, but adapted to a contemporary context and in line with the brand's values: premium and meticulous.

Data Sheet

Alcoholic Grade: 22% Vol
Acidity Volatile (Acetic acid): 48.8 mg / 100 ml of A.A
Esters (ethyl acetate): 24.8 mg / 100 ml of A.A.
Aldehydes (acetic aldehyde): 9.8 mg / 100 ml of A.A.
Furfural: 0
Superior Alcohols (Anhydrous Alcohol): 275.4 mg/100 ml A.A
Microbiological characteristics
Total germs (yeast + bacteria of wine): maximum 100 UFC

Sensory Characteristics
Personal Packing
Yellow Transparent color